Wildebeests leaping into the Mara river in Tanzania during the Great Migration

I am a San Francisco-based software engineer and photographer. A New Yorker, a Californian, smart, loud, friendly, warm and adventurous. I have sat next to a silverback gorilla, run from lions, walked with the largest land predator in the world and now I am starting a new career as a software engineer.

Technology - 2 start-ups, 1 acquisition, small company to big company, working in, building and managing technical support teams, processes, documentation and customer communication.  

Photography -  I'm a street photographer. It's what I was taught and the aesthetic I've tried to bring to all my work, both as a wedding and event photographer and in my travels. Capture what's happening, be aware of what's in the frame and what you're leaving out. Try to relay the truth of the moment.


All photos on this site were taken by Kelly Hoffer and cannot be used without permission.